Contoh Uji Coba Ujian Akhir Sekolah Berstandar Nasional (Uasbn) /Latihan Ujian Akhir Sekolah Tingkat Sd / Mi

Contoh Uji Coba Ujian Akhir Sekolah Berstandar Nasional (Uasbn) /Latihan Ujian Akhir Sekolah Tingkat Sd / Mi



Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a, b, c  or d
(Pilihlahjawaban yang tepatdenganmenyilang a, b, c atau d)

1.    What do you wear to school ? ….
       a.    shorts                    c.    shirt
       b.    uniform                 d.    T-shirt

2.    Roni goes to school wearing white socks
       and black ….
       a.    shoes                    c.    shirt
       b.    T-shirt                    d.    trousers

3.    Apple, grapes, banana are kinds of ….
       a.    vegetables           c.    fruits
       b.    drinks                    d.    birds

4.    For making soup, my mother needs ….
       a.    fruits                      c.    vegetables
       b.    food                       d.    drinks

5.    Buncis : ….
       a.    carrot                     c.    long bean
       b.    cabbage               d.    bean

6.    Fruit seller : ….
       a.    Pedagangsayur  c.    Pedaganghewan
       b.    Pedagangbuah   d.    Pedagangmakanan

7.    I – than – chess – like – running – better 
       a.    I like better than chess running
       b.    I like chess running than better
       c.    Like I chess better than running
       b.    I like chess better than running

8.    Which do you prefer ? ….
       a.    Mana yang lebihkamusuka ?
       b.    Apa yang kamusuka ?
       c.    Siapa yang kamusuka ?
       d.    Dimana yang kamusuka ?

9.    A doctor and nurse works (bekerja) in ….
       a.    dentist                   c.    syringe
       b.    ambulance           d.    hospital

10.  g – h – o – u – c : ….
       a.    cough                   c.    hougc
       b.    choug                   d.    ougch

11. Linda – stomachache – have – Susi – and
       a.    Linda and Susi stomachache have
       b.    Susi have and Linda stomachache
       c.    Linda have and Susi stomachache
       d.    Linda and Susi have stomachache.

12. My grandfather is in the rice field. He is a ....
       a.    doctor                    c.    pilot
       b.    farmer                   d.    teacher

13. If you are sick, you have go to the ....
       a.    teacher                 c.    farmer
       b.    doctor                    d.    carpenter

14. A man who starred the film is ....
       a.    an engineer         c.    a dancer
       b.    a singer                d.    an actor

15. He can cut your hari. He is a ….
       a.    carpenter              c.    hairdresser
       b.    barber                   d     teacher

16.  A place to take care patients is ....
       a.    hotel                      c.    bank
       b.    hospital                 d.    office

17.  The students can borrow books from the ….
       a.    school                   c.    hospital
       b.    canteen                d.    library

18.  There are some tourists in the …
       They study about the history of Indonesia
       a.    supermarket         c.    museum
       b.    market                   d.    cinema

19.  We go for shopping at the ....
       a     supermarket         c.    hotel
       b.    museum               d.    cinema

20.  A Moslem goes to … to pray
       a.    mosque                c.    museum
       b.    curch                     d.    hospital

21.  The sign that means "DilarangMerokok"
       a.    no doubt.              c. no smoking
       b.    no bike                  d. no parking

22.  Father will leaves Bandung. He will goes
       by train. So he is on the way to … now
       a.    railway station     c.    bus station
       b.    airport                    d.    museum

23.  Bank is a place to ... money.
       a.    take care               c.    save
       b.    saving                   d.    taking care

24.  I shall send my letter to the ....
       a.    cinema                  c.    movie
       b.    post office            d.    bus station

25.  A place for Moslem ... is mosque.
       a.    going                     c.    pray
       b.    shopping              d.    praying

26.  The sun rises in the ….
       a.    west                       c.    east
       b.    south                     d.    north

27.  Australia is in the ... of Indanesia.
       a.    southeast             c.    east
       b.    south                     d.    north

28.  Banten is in the ... of' West Java.
       a.    east                       c.    southwest
       b.    northwest             d.    west

29.  Where is lndonesia ?
       a.    In the south of Australia
       b.    In the east of Australia
       c.    In the south east of Australia
       d.    In the northwest of Australia

30.  In the evening, the sun sets ....
       a.    in the east            c.    in the northwest
       b.    in the west           d.    in the northeast

31.  How ... I go to Jakarta ? You can go by plane
       a.    will                         c.    can
       b.    like                         d.    does

32.  What … you doing, Mira ? I am cooking
       a.    am                         c.    are
       b.    is                            d.    do

33.  ... you reading a newspaper ?
       a.    are                         c.    do
       b.    is                            d.    does

34.  Rudy ... sitting on the chair
       a.    am                         c.    do
       b.    is                            d.    does

35.  What is Tony doing ? He is ….
       a.    study                     c.    doing
       b.    do                          d.    studying

36.  Where … she live ?
       a.    is                            c.    does
       b.    are                         d.    do

37.  Are they reading in the library ?
       a.    yes                         c.    yes, they are
       b.    yes, they do         d.    no, they are

38.  They are going to the mountain because
       they want... there.
       a.    dancing                c.    swimming
       b.    camping               d.    cooking

39.  Ruby is sleeping ….
       a.    yesterday              c.    tomorrow
       b.    now                       d.    everyday

40.  My father and mother … like coffee
       a.    doesn’t                  c.    don’t
       b.    does                      d.    do

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